Saturday, 31 March 2018

Camp Gear

Personal Requirements
Sleeping bag, pillow and pillowslip, sheet (optional - to cover the mattress) Props for SKITS

Dinner plate, breakfast bowl, cutlery, tea towel.                         
1 minimum poly-prop or thermal garments (next-to-skin layer)
1 minimum woollen/polar-fleece jumper (second layer)           
Beanie (woollen or fleece)
Sunhat + sunscreen
Shorts (Quick-drying material.  Above-knee)
Togs (for the mudslide)
Socks (several pairs)
Waterproof raincoat (with hood)
Long pants (e.g. jeans/tracksuit, for evenings at camp)
Sweatshirts, shirts (for evenings at camp)
Footwear for inside the dining area (e.g. scuffs, slippers)
Footwear for outdoor activities e.g comfortable sports type shoe.
Toilet gear                  
Plastic bags (x 2 for dirty clothes)       
Torch (with a new battery)

Pack of cards/indoor games
A book to read
Camera (own risk)

Your child will be expected to wear clean, tidy clothes for meal times.  Definitely a practical NOT a fashionable wardrobe is needed. 

No sweets, chewing gum, electronic equipment of any kind (eg. ipods, phones, etc) or spending money is needed.

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