Sunday, 20 May 2018

Homework Wk 4

Room 19 Berkley Homework
T2 Wk 4
·      Mathematics
o   Basic Facts – Mixed
o   Geometry: Worksheet 3, L3 (circles/hexagons/ Pyramids) and L4 (Pentagons) L3 welcome to try L4 work sheet after completing L3.
·      Reading
o   “Treasure Island” + questions. Relates to UOI WWAIPT- Mapwork.
o   Spelling: Worksheet - Open and closed Syllables –
o   Read half an hour at bedtime. (Library books/Magazines)
·      Inquiring : Where We Are In Place and Time : Work on Explorer poster information. Make sure STP task on e-portfolio.
·      My Homework Timetable

Task I want to complete
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To be completed and handed in by Monday 28th May 2018!

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