Monday, 4 June 2018


Room 19 Berkley Homework
T2 Wk 6
·      Mathematics
o   Basic Facts – x10, 100,1000+ BEDMAS
o   Geometry: Number – Multiplication and Division
·      Reading
o    Exploring “Life on the internet ”. Relates to UOI WWAIPT- Explorers
o   Spelling: Worksheet – Long ‘e’ sounds –
o   Read half an hour at bedtime. (Library books/Magazines)
·      Inquiring : Where We Are In Place and Time : You have just visited the Space Museum in Kihikihi. Design your own space craft or space suit, to explore space in and add detailed labels explaining the different parts. List the 10 most important things you will need on your 6month journey.
·      My Homework Timetable

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To be completed and handed in by Monday 11th June 2018!

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